Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This little light

I've been getting into collage a bit, and last time I was in London I had tea at the V'n'A (Victoria and Albert Museum) with a friend I've known since we were nine ( that's more than two decades)... anyway, in the giftshop (which is a fabulous giftshop) some flyers were advertising an exhibition just been. They immediately caught my attention:

What a combination of great words! I took a couple of the fliers, and when I found three little glasses for 20p each in a charity shop a week or to later, I just knew what I had to do....

All I needed was some glue, (PVA) some old patterns, some very pale pink tulle, and I cut out little pictures from old books, catalogs and fliers I'd collected, using as a focus some of the words off the poster.

Then once I was happy with how they looked I made a glaze from PVA and water, and applied a couple of coats to finish it off and seal it, and voila, some pretty little lights to make me feel happier about the dark evenings.


  1. Oh my gosh they make me totally happy just looking at them!! Utterly scrumpcious.


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