Friday, November 12, 2010

T' Rug

This has been a long held scheme of mine... I have been thinking about how to make a rug for the floor of the cabin, without having to go buy one. The floor is pretty cold, and given that I spend a fair bit of time sitting on the floor making stuff, it seemed like a good plan to make it warmer.

I have a pair of enormous wooden knitting needles, and Malcolm's brother Don kindly donated a bunch of clothes he didn't need any more, including loads of T-shirts. T-shirt fabric doesn't fray when you cut it, and it's got a bit of stretch, which means that if you cut it into strips you can knit with it. So I set about knitting lots of squares, each ten stitches cast on, then knitted till I ran out of that colour or the square was squarish enough. I used moss stitch, which made the rug look more interesting than just plain knitting.

Then I stitched them all together using an enormous needle and some rope-like thread I found in a charity shop. It was a great was to use up all my scraps of wool that were not suitable for other uses. Re-cycling old clothing is great too, unfortunately lots of old clothing gets sent to African countries, impacting on local industry often (but not always) in a negative way.

The weird thing was, I knitted till I ran out of stuff to knit, and when I placed all the squares together, there was the exact amount to make the rug, nothing spare and nothing short. Canny!

And here it is, the rug of many colours....

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