Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ghost forest

My usual trip to and from work each day takes me past one of my favourite Oxford places, the natural history and Pitt Rivers Musuem, it's exactly how I think a museum should be, dinosaur skeletons, a stuffed Kakapo, and cases full of live (1) giant millipedes or chongololos, as we knew them as kids in Zimbabwe. It houses the dodo that was the inspiration for from Alice in Wonderland's dodo. And it has some shrunken human heads, seriously creepy specimens.

It also owns almost 2/3rds of the collection of Wilfred Thesiger's African photographs, and is currently exhibiting some of these.

Here's a couple of photos that really don't do the place justice:

And Mum, this one's just for you...

But, I digress... one morning, when I was cycling past, I saw lots of activity, and trucks and cranes and all sorts. And later that day, Ghost Forest was there, on the lawn of the Museum. It gave me goosebumps, it's a stunning exhibition, an incredible feat of logistics to raise awareness of the plight of rain forests. I felt like I was walking among the bones of giants.

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