Thursday, July 22, 2010

bunting fun-thing punting

I have been a bit slow to catch on to the bunting fever that seems to have struck my crafty friends. but now, I seem to have come down with it big time. It all began when I was in London helping the site vibing team for Greenbelt, lead by the well talented Saga Arpino (great name too) get things ready for Greenbelt in August. I sewed a fair few flags... and a bit of bunting ...and when I got home all I could think of was the fabulous fabrics stashed away in our little loft. I do love fabric.

Witness the results... mmmmm. it's like a portable, festive patchwork quilt. recycling, up cycling, festivality bunting tastic.

this last pic just cos i like it, when in oxford, one goes punting in the summer time. Here's Malcolm in fine style...

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