Sunday, May 16, 2010

new and exciting discoveries

I love finding new bands. I think 'discovering' an artist whose music you connect to and enjoy is a bit of a giant cosmic hug of niceness.

here's some huggly goodness that has come my way in the last 18 or so months (cos if i'm still listening to and loving a 'new' artist I've heard in 18th months it's pretty sure they're around to stay)

Alela Diane

Andrew Bird

The Unthanks

Micah P Hinson

Fever Ray

Mumford and Sons

Kings of Convenience


Daniel Knox

and recently, some oxford goodness, Stornaway.

aaaah. music.

We just recently got to go the 'wood' festival, a little baby eco-fest, and it was fantastic. and soon, we're going to go to Truck, the bigger more indy rock version of wood.

Here's some pics of wood, including the unthanks, and trevor moss & hannah lou.


  1. Argh! You went to Wood fest!! I sent my interns along to do a climate change workshop, if I had known you would have been there me and Tim would have led the workshop! Dang it!


  2. we met your interns! we were on the gate when thy came in! we're also voluntering for truck and greenbelt too...


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