Saturday, May 8, 2010

dandelion coffee

We've been preparing the slightly neglected allotment we've inherited for planting, and were digging up lots of big fat dandelions from it. So I seized the opportunity to try making some dandelion coffee. the process is as follows... wash the roots, shop them in a food processor till they are like chunky crumbs. then roast in the oven. then grind (not strictly necessary) then brew in a cafetiere.

I used the recipe listed here

thanks to folks who are good enough to post their recipes up on blogs and websites.

It was lots of work, but the result... yummy, yummy hot beverage. it does not taste like coffee, it's more similar to coffee than anything else, but it has a sweet, root vegetable aftertaste, like parsnips. at least that's what I think.

The tragic ending to this tale is that I knocked over the jar full on the floor and it smashed... no more dandelion coffee for now anyway. But I recommend it for anyone who has a surplus of dandelions and some time on their hands...

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