Monday, March 22, 2010


Well, I love hats, and with my awesome new-found super knitting powers, I can now make them myself.

I've knitted a couple of hats, mostly inspired by the fact it's been so cold this winter. They are vaguely based on patterns but usually somewhat modified.I made one from unspun wool, which has given it a nice chunky soft feel.

I've been playing around with making felt flower broaches, acorns, balls and Christmas decoration hearts from scraps of fabric that I have collected, including the tartan ones made from Edinburgh tartan.
I have a plan to make some soft toys, these little owls were the first. I also made
these felt flower earrings from wet felt and needle felting. Now that I'm gainfully employed, unfortunately the flow of made things will slow down a bit dramatically. These have all been made since we arrived in the UK.

I've felted a couple of hats too, which have ended up being quite 1920's flapperish.
Finally, here's a couple of scarves I've made. the red one is nuno felted, from merino wool and silk, the stripey one is knitted with scraps of wool I had, and the orange and purple/orange one is just felted the regular old way without any silk. A bunch of similar nuno felted scarves are coming soon to Etsy under the storename 'Pounced'.


  1. I feel like my mana in the world has gone up a gazillion times because I'm related to such a beautiful, creative, amazing woman!

  2. awww dige, amazing and awesome and you are so beautiful! and a cuties pic of ez too! missing you! xx


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