Friday, February 19, 2010

meet the poufs

So... one of the blogs I follow, pickles, showed these amazing cushions they made. I wanted them so bad, but they make them out of wool, which would cost a fortune, and being unemployed till recently, I wanted a cheaper option. so I paid a visit to my favourite oxford shop, Orinoco.

I bought a whole lot of machine yarn, which is very thin. I wound it into balls, and then wound it into other balls, till it was ten strands thick, knitted madly, got malcolm to help me go back to Orinoco to collect polar fleece scraps for stuffing... and here's the result.

I'm so happy with them. they cost a total of 10 quid for both of them, many hours, and now we have something comfortable to sit upon. The cat, whose name is also pickles, likes them too.

1 comment:

  1. pickle heart poofs.
    you are a true force of awesomeness amanda!


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