Sunday, September 25, 2011


So - it's been a while since I posted on pounce - for the time of our travels I will be posting on the road rising

so here's a wee poem to say goodbye for the now.


Goodbye scooped out my heart and
left me cradling a rock in my chest
in place of of flesh
which I will carry about until it grows soft,
crumbles a bit about the edges
and so lessens its weight:
The seas of geography, and choice
are too vast to navigate
on this carefully gathered raft
of memory twigs
twined together
with rope made from bread
and tea-bag strings
and other things
like jokes about blokes with beards
and folk-music,
and tigers dressed like mooses
and showering nudists
what my heart-stone-weight predicts
is that
all the cyber in space won't replace
the warm breath of laughter and the texture of skin
and the particular lines
that particular faces cling to
and fade from
As emotions parade
over facely fa├žades
and all the moments lived between us
will grow tattered and jaded,
and be folded away like pillowcases;
and all the objects passed between us.
That red and white scarf,
that badge of a jumper,
will one day fade too,
or get lost on road sides or in untidy cars
as will the smells
of houses and clothes
and the familiar shapes of noses and toes
and the paths
that we travel
will diverge,
but the distance will creep like the mist to disguise this
until that warm morning
of our once again meeting
blows a gentle breeze
and our memories are pegged all out on a line
with brown wooden pegs
bright light linen of friendship flying in the sun once again.

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