Monday, August 23, 2010

T shirt shoes

My ever stylish friend Emma had some amazing shoes on the other day, made from stretch T-shirt knit, I though they were proper groovy. I also though they wouldn't be too hard to make. Which I shelved away in the back of my mind. Then, about three days later on one of the blogs I follow was a step by step, very nicely put together set of instructions.

Game on! here's the results - I'm not entirely happy with the result, I should have looked on this to that first and seen what glue to use. Instead, being impatient, I barged on ahead with a couple of charity shop t-shirts and flip flops and now have slightly messy glueish looking shoes. Also, the orange pair are from VERY stretchy fabric, which means when you walk in them they slop around a bit. Keep in mind for next time. Still pretty though, check them out...


  1. They look wonderful. Thanks so much for pointing me here! They might be a bit gluey (which I frankly don't see), but they looks so pretty!
    Best, Kathrin

  2. Hope you don't mind that I included your t-shirt shoes on my blog


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